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Have you been struggling for years to get pregnant with no success?

Is not being able to have your own children almost too painful to bare?

What you’re about to read is going to change your life forever!

Let me start by saying if you’re reading this, you NEED to know two things

if you haven’t been able to get pregnant.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

And, despite how you might feel, you’re not alone.

Roughly ONE out of every SIX couples have problems with infertility throughout the world.

BUT…  I’m here to tell you that statistic doesn’t have to define your future.

If you’ve struggled for years to have a baby, you can overcome those odds and get pregnant!

I know, because I did…

And I’m going to show you exactly how you can do the same.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about me.

My name is

Liyana Tan

I have a Master’s Degree in Food and Pharmaceutical Chemistry from University of Malaya.

I run a company that holds live events all across the country for medical professionals and families that struggle with infertility.

 I’m a researcher that has discovered and documented multiple solutions for medical problems typical Western medicine can’t seem to figure out.

But, here’s the most important thing about me…

I’m a woman that struggled with infertility issues.

My story is probably similar to yours, except for one thing: THE OUTCOME

I am fully aware that most women in my shoes aren’t food and pharmaceutical chemists that can put the extensive research into solving their infertility problem like what I did! So, I think you’ll find my story not only fascinating, but encouraging.


Around the time I turned 25, something within me shifted…

Up until that point, I had been laser-focused on my career…

But now, I became acutely aware of babies all around me…

While waiting in line at the grocery store, I would see mothers cradling their children in their arms, and a sudden longing ache would ball up inside me…

It brought tears to my eyes.

Every day there was this growing yearning to have a child.

These sensations seemed to have a life of their own, and my rational thought had gone out the window. I could tell they were coming from deep within my heart…

My husband was 35 at the time, and he admitted that he too began to share the same longing.

We talked about it and decided to take the plunge…. I was so excited! 

We went down to the drugstore and bought the pregnancy test sticks *two different kinds!*

We did what came naturally and waited impatiently for that time when my period “wouldn’t come”… fully expecting that any unusual pangs I felt would surely mean I was pregnant.

But the months passed by… pregnancy test after pregnancy test came up “negative.”

Our excitement slowly turned to disappointment, then frustration, and finally to a gnawing fear that something was “wrong.”

And so, we began our first steps along the journey to understand our infertility. A three year journey that would take us to gynecologists and urologists, through blood tests, x-rays and ultrasound treatments….

Past stressful examinations and family histories… fertility specialists that advocated hormone injections, and homeopathic practitioners that urged the use of their “home remedies.”

My periods were becoming more irregular, my breasts were shrinking, my waist was getting wider, and I was losing hair (again)… 

You’ve probably experienced all of this too!  I promise there is hope!  Keep reading!

As a food and pharmaceutical chemist, I knew some chemical reaction within my body wasn’t right. I began to buy as many books as possible to understand the underlying causes of all the findings from the doctors.

I begin to understand every little detail in our body from pituitary gland down to ovary and the all the pathways involved.  I guess you could say I got to connect all the small pieces of jigsaw puzzle inside my body because of one dark point in my life.

From there, I began to change every habit I had; from sleeping to eating.


Days passed by….


I saw tremendous improvement in my overall health from my skin to my body shape!

With the improvements I’d seen, I decided it was time to set an appointment for an IVF procedure.

I remember that appointment like it was yesterday!  I was so excited!

Then I received the devastating news…

The doctors were unable to proceed as my fallopian tube was inflamed or in medical term, we called it hydrosalpinx.

Wait… It gets worse…

I was told my fallopian tube would need to be removed and that there would be zero chance of a normal pregnancy when I removed the tubes.

I was crushed.

I still remember when I told my husband to remarry someone else because I was unable to conceive anymore.  I was terrified that he wouldn’t love me anymore.

The truth is I was worried about everything and everyone. What if my in-laws hate me? Will I be able to watch my husband remarry.  Just the thought of him with another girl broke my heart

In that moment, I had lost hope.


But there’s a saying…

“It’s all good in the end… so, if it’s not good.  It’s not the end!”

When I was as low as a person can go, I am lucky to say, my husband was there for me.

Tears ran down my cheek as he told me he would stay with me FOREVER if needed to see me pregnant. We hugged each other. He is indeed the best man in the world reserved especially for me.

I decided not to give up!

After my surgery, I again began to apply the many tips I had discovered in the books I read.  And slowly but surely, I again starts seeing significant improvements in my health.  (Just a little foreshadowing… that’s when I first had the thought, “How can others know all this if they don’t read as much as I do?”

Finally, after TWO more long years of preparation, I was once again scheduled for the IVF procedure.

The whole process was smooth and thrilling as we waited for the result. Only one embryo managed to be transferred at that time. This could be a success and it can also be a failure. I could only hope for the best.

The waiting game is no fun!  The time was spent with a lot of worry and a lot of prayers.  I was just trying to stay positive!

After about 7 weeks we received the best news of our ENTIRE LIFE!!!

The doctors and the team shouted and clapped when my doctor saw the heartbeat of a baby!!

Nothing could explain our feeling at that time. We did it!!

All the pain and restless nights were worth it.  The ride had ups and downs, but it is something I would go through again and again because it was such an amazing experience!


I spent literally YEARS UPON YEARS studying, researching and reading anything and EVERYTHING there is to know about preparing your body for pregnancy and overcoming infertility.

I read, so you don’t have to! I can give you all the secrets and information in one place.

I’ve put it all together in a 202-page downloadable e-book called:

360 Wellness for Fertility!

A complete guide for IVF/IUI preparations.

The women’s step-by-step guide to overcoming infertility and IVF

Imagine having instant access to all the best infertility information in the entire world, with an exact step-by-step guide that will show you how to get pregnant via IVF or any other assisted reproductive treatment.

This book is literally my life’s work.  Since my experience, I’ve dedicated my career and time to sharing what I know because I know how powerful it is, and how painful it is WITHOUT this information in your life!

I know… there are “gurus” out there that sell you on every solution and idea you can think of… but they’re just trying to make extra money.


This is my LIFE!  I actually run real businesses doing live events on wellness and NCDs to professionals and public. Besides, I do provide  physical scientific proven products, and more…

And… I’ve put everything I know in this book for you.  Because I can’t bare the pain of seeing you not have a child you can love and care for just like I have been blessed as well.

Are you excited yet??  I know I am… because I one MILLION percent believe in what I have to share with you.  I would not be here talking to you if I felt any of this information was not useful!

Unfortunately, the reality is this…

…if you’ve been struggling to gain confidence and trying to improve the chances of getting pregnant via IVF.

Here are some possibilities:

  • are stuck at a point you don’t know who to consult.

  • aren’t quite sure how the IVF procedure will work for you

  • already know that the procedure is costly and could post risk to yourself

  • you want to understand further and in depth about increasing chances

  • just clueless that many page are just trying to sell products

  • any combination of the above

…you’re in the right place.

Maybe you haven’t done any research on IVF and how diet and other rituals could increase the chances by double fold.

You NEED to read every single word on this page. 

And you DON’T need a medical or nutritional degree to understand all the medical and health Best of all, they’re not even that difficult to put together…and I’ll show you how you can improve your own chances and see tremendous improvement in your own health status.

I know, that sounds crazy…but…let me explain…


I discovered that mastering just ONE thing has fixed nearly every single problem I was having in health problem while instantaneously enabling me to become pregnant with just ONE attempt.

I’m NOT talking about any PRODUCTS to consume!

It wasn’t any special supplements!

It wasn’t any specific rituals!

It wasn’t any specific doctor!

It wasn’t even the magic or super-food!

It was embracing everything together and that’s why I call it 360 Wellness for Fertility

You already aware that:

1) IVF is expensive and lengthy procedure

2) None of IVF procedure can guarantee 100 % success

3) IVF can be stressful journey for a couple

While I’ll admit it’s true that if one IVF goes wrong (if you don’t know what you’re doing) it can cost you dearly…


Pretty straightforward, isn’t it?



Now, it’s your turn. 

You absolutely CAN do this, I promise you. 

That said, is there any reason to give up in this journey?

Again, you do NOT have to be science students to understand in depth everything just like how I struggle those days.

Don’t stop reading. 

How would you like me to show you Everything you need to do to prior to your IVF session, plus give you All the info you need (already done)…withOUT paying me $5xx to walk you through everything?

You’re in luck!

Drinking my own Kool-Aid,

I know, you’re DYING to know how much, right? 

Well, I’m not done.

Because I have promise to God that I will share this secrets once in conceive (by the way, if you’re not serious to get pregnant please close this page as this is only intended for those who are willing to face every challenge just like me, please)…

…I’m holding absolutely NOTHING back.

That means you’re getting EVERYTHING those who paid $500 for me to walk them through this got, so again PLEASE do not share that I gave you this 🙂

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside:

(pg. 19-43)   We will be discussing the male and female reproductive system, understanding how everything works, and understanding what infertility really means.  This will include male and female disorders.


(pg. 48-63)   This is where I address the habits you currently have that wreak havoc to your fertility.  These are habits you may not even realize you have!  Trust me!  I was doing a bunch of these until I discovered and documented these findings!  You’ll be shocked!  


(pg. 77-83)   This is the good stuff!  I would even say this is most crucial part of my book, as it discusses rituals that can be done and must be done daily.


I show you with pictures exactly what to do for ONLY 10 minutes that will literally increase the rate of success by double!!


(pg. 113-120)   This is where we get into herbs and supplements that are scientifically proven to increases the chances to success in IVF.


(pg. 146-180)   Here I dive into the whole process of IVF.  The details here is important to give you an exact overview of what you will be going through.  It will save you HOURS of consultation time with your doctors!


And on top of all that…


I’ll also guide you step-by-step through understanding IVF risks and medical treatment that help to improve chances of IVF success.


Here are some other things you’ll learn!

  • What to do if you’ve had multiple miscarriages.

  • A look at your biological clock

  • How long you really have before it’s “game over” (Hint: it’s not as bad as you might think.)

  • The 9 unhealthy habits that wreak havoc on your fertility (Besides the obvious “don’t do drugs and alcohol)

  • A surprising list of common products that are murdering your chances at a baby. (You probably use #4 every day!)

  • For all you athletic women out there. (The 2 exercises you should NEVER do if you want to get pregnant.)

  • The hidden dangers behind a “relaxing soak”. (They could be costing you your happy future.)

  • The ultimate activities that WILL get you pregnant. (*no, not just that one*)

  • Just 3 minutes a day of *this* gentle activity will free your brain to focus on procreation while making your stress levels plunge!

  • The 3,000-year-old technique that can balance out hormone levels and eliminate infertility pain for good.

  • How a common Eastern practice can boost your pregnancy chances by 95%!

  • Let your man give you *this* massage and your ovaries will kick into overdrive!

  • Learn the Two Most Powerful Ways to Increase Your Chances of IVF Success.

  • If weight is standing in your way, check out the exercise plan.

    The fertility-safe way to work out.

  • And don’t even think about trying to get pregnant without seeing the Specialized Fertility Diet plan. These are the #1 foods recommended by fertility doctors across the globe!

  • The only herbs and supplements scientifically proven to foster your fertility.

Plus, a list of the ones to AVOID AT ALL COSTS…

Oh… and BTW… did I mention I’m a Pharmaceutical Food Chemist and  had multiple medical professionals and fertility doctors read my book?

Well… I have…

“I myself felt sorry for many women comings to me with questions related to infertility. This guide is really complete I would say. I myself have benefited from it!  This has led me and my whole family to have much better health. I’m totally happy and thankful for such passionate people to share this extensive work. It is simply over delivered by the writer whom I know personally!”

Dr Nor Hanisah
Medical Degree/Master in O&G


“This program has changed many lives, as a 20 year medical specialist, I have not seen such comprehensive compilation! My husband who is experience gastro surgeon also endorses this as well!”

Dr Adibah Alawiah
M.D, MSc (Medical Physiology RCSI), Ireland


“As someone who is involved in the medical field for more than 20 years, I strongly recommend you take a sneak peek into this and you will realize that this compilation is superb. It has helped my wife and son too from hormonal issues!”

Assoc Professor Dr Kamarul Imran
Masters in Community Medicine (Epidemiology and Biostatistics, USM)

PhD (Statistics and Epidemiology, Lancaster University)



“As experience medical doctors involved in imaging. I have come to realize that women are vulnerable. I myself suffer from many issues. I am thankful that the Liyana has been able to present such intensive compilation on her own.  Many women suffer from gynecological issues due to their lifestyle and lack of information relating to the truth behind everything that we consume. I strongly recommend you try this for hormonal improvement!  You’ll never find so much information at such a low price!” 

Dr. Nik Munirah
MBBS Adelaide
MD (USM) Radiology
Fellowship in Breast Disease and Intervention
St. Vincent Breastscreen
St. Vincent Hospital , Melbourne

If you order RIGHT NOW

(meaning you do NOT close this page, go ask your partner, or wait and think about it), I’m going to also
  throw in these PRIVATE bonuses:

Bonus #1! IVF Cost Saving Secrets(Worth $39, Included FREE)

Yet for all the fertility-challenged couples out there, only a fraction that might benefit from it opt for IVF. Why? The number one reason cited is cost. Since so few medical insurance programs cover expensive infertility treatments, prospective patients must bear most of the cost of an IVF procedure themselves. Many have asked, is there a less expensive way to get IVF?

Finally the answer is YES! New methods and options have opened up exciting new ways for couples to gain access to IVF at a fraction of the standard cost. This book provides information for many of those new ways, and is intended as a resource for people who would want to try IVF if it could be more affordable. We hope that you can use this book as a launching point to discover IVF options that might bring your dreams come true.

Bonus #2! The 360 Wellness for Fertility Diet(You Get It FREE) 

There are many foods that are nurturing to fertility as well as overall health. Within this recipe book, you will find some staple and delicious recipes for everyday use that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle to begin your journey towards a healthier fertility through diet. This recipe book is a companion book to The 360Wellness for Fertility you will find more details about list of foods that are especially good for fertility

Bonus #3! The 360 Wellness for Fertility Journal(You Get It FREE) 

As you continue through your fertility journey (you will know what I’m talking about if you have been at this a while) you will develop relationships with various doctors and other medical and alternative practitioners, such as Acupuncturists and Herbalists, etc. It’s helpful to have all of that information handy in one place so that if you need to find it quickly to make an appointment, or if you need the information ready for one of your other doctor’s you will be organized and ready to provide it at a moment’s notice. That is why this journal plan is important for you to keep track on every little detail.

Bonus #4! 360 Wellness for Fertility Meditation Guide ( Included FREE)

Meditation is an ancient art and spiritual practice. It is the achievement of a state of deep serenity within your body and mind. Achieving a balance between the two can lead you to self- actualization and inner peace. It is also an excellent way to overcome stress on a daily basis. This is why it is especially beneficial for achieving and maintaining a healthy fertility.

Meditating is actually easier than you might imagine. Most of us have probably dabbled in meditation by participating in conscious relaxation – perhaps during an exercise class or to manage pain at the dentist or anxiety before a test. We start by paying attention to our breathing. The practical effort of meditation is to focus completely on our breathing taking our minds away from the “mind clutter” that constantly tries to invade our mind and eliminates feelings that will lead to a state of calm.

With repeated effort the goal of clearing your mind does occur and the process of meditation takes on its own energy. The result is a sense of serenity that will eventually open you to new insights.

This guide will show you simple step by step that you can practice anytime.

Bonus #5! The Close Group created especially for you to get my FREE consultation and on-going information (Yours FREE)

You’ll have ALL the critical details of getting ready prior to every steps in IVF. I will answer every possible question by you for FREE.

The link will be send with the books.

This bonus is OPTIONAL.

As I said the ONLY others that got their hands on this paid $500 for me to walk them through this, and there are only a handful of folks that’ve gotten ALL this information and ALL the tools you need. 

How much does it cost now?

NOW, just ONE payment of


ONLY $39!

Holy CRAP, right??!!

(I know, I agree this is insane and you probably believe me now that I really did privately invite you to grab this)


Take a second to really think about this…

How much is just ONE successful IVF worth to you?





If ALL this did was help you success at the very first attempt would it be worth $39? 

You’ll NEVER need to pay for an expensive consultation EVER.

That alone will save thousands over time.

Don’t believe me?

They charge HUNDREDS


Plus, I’ll share a little secret…what they do isn’t complicated. 


How do you think I figured all this out?

I was sick of paying these crazy fees for a simple guide…so I research and compile my own. 

And I don’t need them anymore.

Luckily, neither do you 🙂

Unlimited, & immediate access to the ENTIRE IVF guide($500Value), including:


1) In depth info on miraculous reproductive system

2) The Activities that wreak havoc on your fertility

3) The secrets rituals and activities that can improve your chances of IVF success and best part is you can do it at home . Plus it takes just few minutes a day.

4) The remarkable herbs and nutrient that can boost your fertility to optimum level.

5) Understanding the steps of IVF and how everything works together.

ALL the bonuses that I’ve never released before and that you can ONLY get here, right, including: 

Bonus #1!  IVF Cost Saving Secrets(Worth $39, Included FREE)

Bonus #2!  The 360 Wellness for Fertility Diet

Bonus #3!  The 360 Wellness for Fertility Journal

Bonus #4!  360 Wellness for Fertility Meditation Guide 

Bonus #5!  The Close Group created specially for you to get my FREE consultation and on-going information 

1) In depth info on miraculous reproductive system

2) The Activities that wreak havoc on your fertility

3) The secrets rituals and activities that can improve your chances of IVF success and best part is you can do it at home . Plus it takes just few minutes a day.

4) The remarkable herbs and nutrient that can boost your fertility to optimum level.

5) Understanding the steps of IVF and how everything works together.

ONLY $39!

Please order ASAP to reserve your copy You’re going to thank me later, you have my word. 


For the sceptics, I’m literally making this IMPOSSIBLE to say no 🙂

…I’m going to GUARANTEE IT!!! 

Try the ENTIRE THING for 90 FULL days, risk free! Go through all the materials in the program, AND jump on the ‘successful IVF’ at the end… After completing all of those, if you feel like you aren’t happy, I’ll send you all your money back. Just make sure you gave your best efforts, there’s ZERO risk to you!

Think about this for a second…

What’s the absolute BEST case scenario? 

Everything I’ve told you is true, you go through the process and manage to succeed and send me thank you cards for the rest of your life.


WORST case scenario? 


You try this out, for some anomaly it doesn’t work, you get to keep ALL the info/tools/strategies, AND I send back your money. 


Not bad, right?

I don’t know how long I’m going to be offering this. 

If it was, I wouldn’t charge a measly $39 for this.


I literally already charge $500 per consultation. 


So, please don’t wait around and think this will be here in a week or a month. 


Heck, by this time next few more months you could be planning for IVF. 


Why wait? Click and get you copy now…

Don’t let me down, can’t wait to see you inside!
Baby dust to you!